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Armenian Heritage


Armenians have inhabited a highland region, called the Armenian plateau, in northern part of the Middle East between the Black, Caspian, and Mediterranean seas for nearly 4000 years. Geographically situated on the crossroads of East and West and having a distinct socio-religious infrastructure, Armenians have created one of the oldest civilizations and a unique national culture that thrives today in the Republic of Armenia, a small easterly portion of ancient Armenia.

Armenian Holiday Traditions: An Illustrated Guide for Children

Annie Seropian

Armenian Holiday Traditions An illustrated guide for children Author Annie Seropian and illustrator Elize Bogossian have given us a colorful children’s book to celebrate Armenian holidays for the entire year. The background and features of the major religious and national celebrations are explained. Key Armenian words and names are also introduced. Delightfully illustrated and sprinkled with recipes and pictures, this book will provide tasty samples and begin to educate the young about our long and dramatic Armenian heritage. An ideal holiday gift. Alan Whitehorn Armenian-Canadian academic & author This beautiful book gloriously celebrates Armenian culture, faith, and heritage. History is intricately woven onto each page and many of the traditions and rituals of the Armenian Church are lovingly explained. To the reader, it will be a beautiful affirmation of the Christian faith and a recommitment to the Armenian identity. To the tiny listener, it will be a source of inspiration, enlightenment, and pride. Isabel Bayrakdarian Opera Singer

Who Are the Armenians?

Susan Pattie with Gagik Stephan-Sarkissian and Maral Kerovpyan

A guide for children and adults to learn about the Armenian people. Aimed at children aged 5-12, the book brings the 3000-year-old Armenian History and culture to life. A CD is included with songs, poems, dancing music and spoken words.

100 Facts Ancient Armenia

Artak Mavsisyan

Discover Ancient Armenia through 100 fascinating facts. Get acquainted with Armenian homeland, genalogy, myths and legends. Read exciting stories about Armenian kings and queens, admire courageous deeds of the heroes, learn about the behavior and morals of the gods. Discover the amazing nature. Explore and find out the location of Eden-Paradise, the cradle of humankind.

Lavash: A Counting Book

Hrachouhi Zakaryan

Lavash: A Counting Book/Հաշվելու Գիրք is a bilingual counting book in English and Armenian that introduces children to Armenian traditions and culture.

Children will learn to count to ten using beautiful works of art to depict numbers along side Armenian and English text

Fairy Tales

Hovhannes Toumanian

Includes 22 of the most liked folk tales by Hovhannes Tunamyan translated into English:

The Foolish Man, The Miller-King, The Sparrow, Black Kiddy, The Liar, Travellers, Brother Axe, The Talking Fish, The Clever and the Idiot Brothers, A Big Pot of Gold, The Master and the Labourer, The Handless Girl, THe Fox that Lost its Tail, The Invicible Rooster, THe Lying Hunter, The Carnival, THe Pradise Flower, Lacy Hoory, Life’s a Party, Nazar the Brave, The Death of Kikos, and Unlucky Panos.